Sister Jayanti expressing 'Namaste'Sister Jayanti (2022) Photo taken by Don Jordan.

Journalist Philippa Blackham speaks to Sister Jayanti about her promise to the world.

PB: Could you summarise for me what your values are that you live by, what your mission for your life’s work is and if you were to make a promise to the world as a spiritual teacher of The Brahma Kumaris what would your promise be?

SJ: The values that I hold very dear are the inherent values of the soul itself and these are peace, love, truth, joy and purity. These are the ingredients that make up the inner being and so it’s my responsibility to live these values in my life. And it’s a journey, it’s work in progress, but these are values that we understand, experience and adopt in our lives with the practice of Raja Yoga Meditation and not just in an abstract way but in very real ways that bring about real change.

PB: Beautiful… If I can just push it one degree further to what you feel is your personal unique contribution and promise?

SJ: My promise is that if even a powerful minority of the world begins to follow these basic, fundamental spiritual laws of peace, love, truth, joy and purity, we can transform the world. The world can become a better place. So the vision I have is of a future world which has all of these qualities in it. We’ve been through a period of darkness and after the dark night the day has to come. And so my promise is that there will come a time again, when humans will follow these basic spiritual laws in their lives and the light will return to this world.

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