imageSister Jayanti - the Additional Administrative Head of The Brahma Kumaris

Sister Jayanti is known and loved for her deep compassion and tireless dedication to the spiritual dimension of life. Born in India and educated in London, she embodies a unique blend of Eastern wisdom and Western education and culture.

She is a spiritual teacher who has the ability to share her experiences and understanding with clarity, simplicity and warmth. From individuals, families, villages and town centres to international forums with global thought leaders, she brings her message of inner peace, hope and personal empowerment.

Her leadership is visionary and guided by spiritual values.

Her humility and spiritually informed leadership spring from her deep motivation to help others reach a new level of consciousness. She shares a vision of a future world where living is anchored in universal spiritual principles and a shared sense of humanity.

Her spiritual knowledge, inner peace and love have inspired millions across the globe to empower themselves to make changes in their lives.

Supporting the world at COP26Sister Jayanti is based at the International Co-ordinating Headquarters, Global Co-operation House, London.